The Secret to Breakthrough

The Secret to Breakthrough June 17, 2013

One night before bedtime, my three year old Gemma and I were talking and the subject of worrying came up. It was a teachable moment, so I put on my best dad-to-kid pontificating voice and explained the concept ever so wisely. I carefully conveyed that we all worry sometimes, and that’s OK. It was all going so well until Gemma interrupted:

Gemma: Do you worry sometimes?

Me: Yeah.

Gemma: Well, you just have to be patient, Daddy. You just have to wait.

Me: …

Teachable moment, indeed.

The secret to breakthrough isn’t hidden in a health and wealth sermon or the latest Christian self-help book. It’s found this simple, gentle rebuke from a three year old.

You just have to be patient.

You just have to wait.

Don’t worry.

Breakthrough will come.

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  • Lori

    Such a wise young lady.  We can learn so much from these precious gifts!

  • @Lori thanks Lori, I am super blessed!