Meditation on a Twitter List (Over 1,000 Dead) [James Gribble]

Meditation on a Twitter List (Over 1,000 Dead) [James Gribble] July 30, 2014

10177498_1411690409093367_2113146266_nI have a Twitter list dedicated to Neo-Calvinist/Young Restless Reformed/TGC/SBC-type leaders. During the destruction of Gaza over last four weeks, that list has produced two tweets on the subject.

Over 1000 dead in Gaza. I’ve seen one tweet praising Israel for standing strong in the face of oppression and one explaining how Palestinians are to blame for what they’re suffering.

However, the list has not been silent. With around 100 posts a day, what has this list been tweeting about as Gaza burns? Mainly LeBron; Hobby Lobby; Iraq (Muslims killing Christians [and Muslims] is always a hot topic); illegal immigration; “the gospel”; same-sex marriage; why millennials don’t go to church, how to make them start going or why bother; the Affordable Care Act; gender identity, gender roles, gender bias, gender of God (a lot about sex and gender, really); Ukraine vs Russia; “liberals”; abortion; and the weather.

One month. 173,000 displaced. Over 1000 dead, over 20% of which are children with many more adult civilian women and men in the mix, as well.

But we see what we want to see in the world.

We craft our own narratives to make sense of the world. Power and Privilege, seeking to make sense of the injustice which they facilitate, tend to speak false narratives. Yet, the light of day always reveals what is true. When Power and Privilege fall silent in the face of injustice, their silence becomes their own judge. The refusal of Power and Privilege to speak the truths which threaten their exclusivity—to represent the world as it really is—is the clearest indictment of the very narratives by which they become and remain exclusive.

Perhaps, then, this is the beginning of the end of American Evangelicalism’s blank check to the US’s political allies. Maybe this will force us all to listen to the voices of Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers.


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