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A Shaman's Miraculous Tools for Healing
by Alberto Villoldo with Anne E O'Neill

About the Book

One of the pioneers in the areas of energy healing and shamanism recounts twelve stories of miraculous healings; twelve stories in which, through the use of shamanic energetic techniques, people experience extraordinary physical and emotional healings.

Meet a dancer who could barely walk until a series of sessions with Villoldo, a business woman who is freed from headaches and discovers the benefits of an integrated interior life, and a young woman who confronts her past and recovers from crippling depression. Each of these stories is rooted in Villoldo's experience as a healer, a traditional mental health professional, and a devotee of indigenous wisdom and lore from around the world.

Villoldo has devoted 25 years of study to the healing practices of the Amazon and Andean shamans. By learning the ancient Shaman wisdoms from Villoldo, you can heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, and even grow new bodies that age and heal differently. The stories in this book are amazing and inspiring.

About the Authors

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., is a psychologist, medical anthropologist, and prolific author who has studied the healing practices of the Amazon and Inka shamans for more than 25 years. Dr. Villoldo directs The Four Winds Society, where he trains individuals in the US and Europe in the practice of energy medicine and soul retrieval. In 2011 Villoldo produced the documentary Amazonia: Healing with Sacred Plants that focuses on the sacred plants of the Peru's Amazon region, including the use of ayahuasca. He is the author of several books including Shaman, Healer, Sage.

Additional Works by Dr. Alberto Villoldo:

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  • -Illumination: The Shaman's Way of Healing
  • -Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being
  • -The Four Winds: A Shaman's Odyssey into the Amazon (with Erik Jendresen)
  • -Dance of the Four Winds: Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel (with Erik Jendresen)
  • -Island of the Sun: Mastering the Inca Medicine Wheel (with Erik Jendresen)
  • -Yoga, Power, and Spirit: Patanjali the Shaman
  • -The Realms of Healing (with Stanley Krippner Ph.D.)
  • -Healing States: A Journey Into the World of Spiritual Healing and Shamanism (with Stanley Krippner Ph.D.)
  • -Skeleton Woman
  • -The First Story Ever Told (with Erik Jendresen)

Anne E. O'Neill began her shamanic work with Alberto Villoldo in 2001. She is a graduate of his Light Body School of Energy Medicine and has had numerous private sessions with the shaman, giving her invaluable experience to write the stories contained in this book. She writes from her home on the Oregon coast.

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