Heaven's Muscle: About the Book and Author

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Heaven's Muscle

Unleashing the Power of the Spirit Within You

By Bren Hughes

About the Book

Read the author's journey FROM EVANGELIST TO ATHEIST AND BACK.

Do you long to hear the voice of the Lord more clearly? Do you ever feel inadequate or alone in your struggle to be who God calls you to be? Are you frustrated by church politics and same-old, same-old religion? Does it sometimes feel like you're under attack by forces you can't see?

Heaven's Muscle is a book designed to set you free from bad religion. It uses God's word and personal stories to destroy the lies and emotional shackles the Enemy uses to keep you from soaring in God's Spirit.


Based on my own spiritual journey and packed with meaty biblical theology, this book spur you to action — to partner with Jesus to change the world around you.

Do you know someone who needs to be set free from bad religion? Get them this powerful book.

Here are just a few things Heaven's Muscle will do for you:

  • Explain why you are crucial to God's plan.
  • Explode the idea that God left us to our own devices after the New Testament was written.
  • Expose the invisible battles that are going on all around you.
  • Enumerate the things the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can do for you.
  • Enlighten you to your true identity and destiny in the Lord.
  • Encourage you to tap into the power that God offers you through his indwelling Spirit.
  • Energize your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Heaven's Muscle is available now in the following formats:

About the Author

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God has led me on a journey from biblical scholar to atheist to campus minister to Spirit-filled attorney. Along the way, I've shucked off the husk of bad religion and discovered the joy and empowerment that comes from embracing God's indwelling Spirit. The Lord gave me Heaven's Muscle to help you find the joy and love that I've experienced. But it comes at a cost!

My mission is to encourage people to love in spite of their pain, to sense the closeness of God despite their doubts, and to glimpse their full potential in Christ. I do this by offering myself as a faithful conduit — a conduit of love flowing from the heart of God and of wisdom flowing from his scriptures.

My spiritual writings come from my Christ-filled heart and from twenty years of studying, teaching, and preaching the scriptures. Please follow my blog at BrenHughes.com. While there, you can sign up for my newsletter. You can also follow me on twitter @brenhughes. Learn more about my latest book at HeavensMuscle.com.

I am an attorney and academic writer with training as a minister and missionary (B.A., M.A. Freed-Hardeman University; M.Div. Lipscomb University; J.D. Vanderbilt University Law School). Hailing from Nashville, I currently do legal work for the federal government in Kentucky. I am the author of Heaven's Muscle and the forthcoming book My Body Is a Weapon. I am blessed with a unique wife and three entertaining sons.

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