Praise for Be Holy

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Be Holy
Find Identity, Find Belonging, Find Purpose

By Brian Christopher Coulter

What People are Saying

"In a society of thin technological living, the summons to 'holiness' is of immense importance. Coulter provides a helpful perspective on the possibility of responding to that elemental summons."

—Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

"Authors clamor to tell us to how to succeed, how to feel better, or how to

be happier. Be Holy is palpably different. Within these pages, Brian Christopher Coulter artfully moves to the core of our longings and awakens our hunger to be more human."
—Carol Howard Merritt, author of Tribal Church

"Young people want to know what the church stands for, not just what the

church stands against. We stand for holiness—living different, abundant, joyful, just, and beautiful lives that flow from the self-giving, other-affirming life of the Triune God."
—Bill Lamar, Duke Divinity School

"Be Holy is not a command to live a strict, joyless existence, but an invitation through a gate swinging open to an expansive life of deep fulfillment and promise."
—Debby Topliff, spiritual artist and visual translator of the Bible

"Brian Christopher Coulter helps us discover in ourselves a desire to be holy

and then rightly turns our attention to something far more basic—the holiness of God.

—David Bartlett, Yale Divinity School

"Coulter invites us all into a generative conversation about what truly matters: who we are, how we live in relationship with others, and what it is we are being called to do as together we seek, by the grace of God, to be holy. Welcome to the conversation!"
—Rodger Nishioka, Columbia Theological Seminary

12/3/2014 5:00:00 AM
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