Praise for 'Gifts of the Visitation'

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Gifts of the Visitation:
Nine Spiritual Encounters with Mary and Elizabeth
by Denise Bossert

"A little gem of a book."
"This is a little gem of a book that both women and men will return to, again and again, when the demands of life are such that we need fresh grounding in our appreciation of humility and grace, spontaneity and readiness, thanksgiving, and adventure and awe. It is, in two words, 'a treasure.'"

Elizabeth Scalia
Catholic blogger and author of Strange Gods

"Will touch your heart and grace your soul."
"Loving Mary isn't always easy for Catholics, especially converts. Sometimes the praise and adulation can seem a bit over the top. And all the various names and devotions! The 'real' Mary can sometimes get lost but, in her latest book, Denise Bossert gives all of us—converts and cradle Catholics alike—a Mary we can love through all the joys and sorrows of our lives. In 'Gifts of the Visitation,' Bossert has written a book that will touch your heart and grace your soul by combining prayerful insight and meditation with the experience of one who has actually walked in the footsteps of Mary."

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker
Author of 365 Mary

"A fresh look at one of the most important moments of Mary's life."
"'Gifts of the Visitation' is a fresh look at one of the most important moments of Mary's life—the Visitation—adeptly written through the personal experiences and meditations of a proficient and perceptive author. Denise Bossert takes you home, to Elizabeth and Zechariah's house, where the Christ and the Baptist meet for the first time."

Marge Fenelon
Author of Imitating Mary

"Imaginatively chronicles Mary's joyful meeting with Elizabeth."
"'Gifts of the Visitation' not only imaginatively chronicles Mary's joyful meeting with Elizabeth, it also unwraps nine gifts that encourage would-be evangelizers to grow in their Catholic faith and in their zeal for bringing it to others."

Pat Gohn
Author of Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious

"Helped me to see Mary and Elizabeth in a new light."
"'Gifts of the Visitation' helped me to see Mary and Elizabeth in a new light and to better understand and cherish my role as Christ Bearer. It motivated me to pray fervently for an increase in these invaluable gifts, some of which I have in spades, and the others . . . not so much."

Diana von Glahn
Coproducer and host of The Faithful Traveler on EWTN

"A compelling prayerful journey."
"In the 'Gifts of the Visitation,' author Denise Bossert tells a tender yet poignant story about Mary and Elizabeth and their phenomenal journey of faith, hope, and love. Bossert shares her own story, too, and, through reflection points, takes the reader by the hand, and invites them on a compelling prayerful journey."

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle
EWTN host and author of Rooted in Love

"A gift in itself to all those who want to grow closer to Jesus through Mary."
"Denise Bossert uses the seemingly simple and oh-so-familiar Scripture story of Mary's visit to Elizabeth to take us on a journey deeper into the heart of Mary, deeper into the heart of our faith, and deeper into the untouched recesses of our own restless hearts. 'Gifts of the Visitation' is a gift in itself to all those who want to grow closer to Jesus through Mary."

Mary DeTurris Poust
Author of Cravings

"A compelling, profound, and poetic meditation."
"A compelling, profound, and poetic meditation on the spiritual dimensions of the Visitation, enlivened and made uniquely present by incorporating the author's own personal experiences of each of the nine 'gifts' drawn from Mary and Elizabeth's deep encounters with God."

Helen Hull Hitchcock
Founder of Women for Faith and Family

"Scriptural, historical, wise, and spiritually challenging."
"Denise invites us to journey deeper into the mystery of the Visitation and to activate the same gifts Mary and Elizabeth were given in order to manifest Christ in our lives today. Denise writes with such ease that reading her work feels like sitting down over a cup of coffee to receive wise counsel from a trusted spiritual friend. This book is scriptural, historical, wise, and spiritually challenging. Whether you are a cradle Catholic, new to the faith, or simply exploring, Denise breaks open the Visitation in a novel way to enlighten, edify, and even entertain."

Lisa Schmidt
Catholic speaker and writer at

3/16/2015 4:00:00 AM
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