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Fully Alive
A Biblical Vision of Gender That Frees Men and Women to Live Beyond Stereotypes
By Dr. Larry Crabb

What People are Saying

"Larry's teaching on gender has impacted my personal life, my marriage and my leadership of the men's ministry at my church. Moving forward into messy situations in faith rather than passively letting chaos reign has allowed me to see God work in new ways in my marriage and in ministry."
Charles B., Chicago, IL, Husband/Father/Pastor

"Seeing the potential in giving and receiving, I realize it is a waste of time to compete. Both men and women will benefit greatly by honoring their calling, resulting in freedom and joy. In spite of my age, 65 years old, I feel challenged and excited."
—Tom N., Stange, Norway, Husband/Father/Retired

"'Feminine' and 'woman' used to be words that dripped with connotations of weakness and vulnerability—an invitation to be used. Yet the essence of my feminine heart longed to be seen, cherished, honored, protected, and enjoyed. This heart of mine has begun to step out of the shadows and into the warm embrace of True Light Himself. A deep joy has been released in me as I honor the dignity of my heart as a woman. I am more alive now than ever, and I bless God for that."
Kjersten H., Colorado Springs, CO, Single/Counselor  

"Dr. Crabb's teaching on gender taught me a new way of relating to my wife. There is a drastic shift in my soul—my 'shrinking back' fear has been replaced by a 'standing tall' movement toward her. This new way has breathed life into our marriage."
John F., Greensboro, NC, Husband/Father/Pastor 

"Whether in counseling a client or journeying through spiritual formation with a brother in Christ, Larry Crabb's teaching on gender roles continues to enlighten these discussions. I experienced a distinct paradigm shift in my counseling upon learning about how gender relates to being created in His image.  Now there is an increasing desire to live out God's strength in being the man He created me to be."
—David W., Burleson, TX, Husband/Father /Counseling Pastor OR Local and Global Outreach Pastor

 "I had just come out of an abusive thirty year marriage and divorce when I heard Larry teach on masculinity and femininity. The Lord used that teaching to begin the restoration process of my shattered soul and identity of who God created me to be. I am an image bearer and as a woman, I am called to openly and courageously invite others to be consumed by God's love."
—Kerry F., Scottsdale, AZ, Single/Counselor

"Both of us have been through Larry's School of Spiritual Direction and it was one of the most impactful weeks of our lives. His gender message is biblically based and easy to understand.  It has revolutionized the way we relate to each other. We believe this book is vital for those desiring authentic marital intimacy."
—Ryan and Heather C., Forest, VA, Husband/Pastoral Counselor and Wife/Mentor

"Dr. Crabb's teaching on gender has been the best source for understanding femininity and masculinity that I have found. There is something beautiful and inviting as a woman that has nothing to do with my appearance. I love knowing that truth and its biblical foundation. It has impacted the way I view myself as well as how I view men. I hope more people hear it and that we might be set free to be the men and women that God designed us to be."
Mary Beth M., Austin, TX, Single/Spiritual Mentor/Film Producer

"The shackles of fear, shame, and confusion have been broken down. Larry's insightful biblical teaching on masculinity and femininity have freed the men and women from the bondage placed on them by religion and society. We are now free to 'move toward' and 'open up' to one another in love to reveal the unconditional love of the Trinity."
—Jason D., Ft. Hood, TX, Husband/Father /Military Chaplain

"This teaching has caused a revolutionary shift in my paradigm of womanhood, reflected in how I relate to my spouse, my children, my friends, and the world. It forever changes how I am, uniquely as a woman, to reflect the Trinity. Everyone should read this book. It changes everything."
—Jeanne M., Frankenmuth, MI, Wife/Mother/Pastor's Wife

"I've struggled my whole life with a debilitating fear of criticism and needing the approval of others.  Larry's teaching has helped me realize I've had a false definition of what it means to be a man. I'm amazed at how much impact this has had on the quality of my relationships now that I've stopped hiding."
—Jon L., Omaha, NE, Husband/Father/Minister

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