God Is Not Your Problem - The Character and Nature of God - As Revealed in His Word

Our IDEOLATRY can skew our perspectives due to Life Filters that are created through our Observations and Experiences. The sophistication of todays technology can overwhelm us with a sense that all of the answers to our questions about Life and our Purpose are answered in the truth of science and technology. Placing the human intellect on a pedestal and worshipping its potential is the core of IDEOLATRY and can severely diminish mans ability to be completely fulfilled. Discover through Einstein's Theory of Relativity why we all have different versions of truth. | read more»

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Reviews & Endorsements

“Every time I sit down and read it ... I learn something about myself, and about my God.  It has been transformative in my life."
“Those of us who wear glasses know that a warped or dirty lens can impair your vision. Wow, Dr. Masek ‘cleans the lenses’  in this book. Is our problem what we “know” about God from our circumstances and interactions with other people, or what we THINK we “know” about God and what we believe about what we think we “know” about God? That confusion is cleared away in the insightful, thought-provoking chapters in this book. For those seeking answers and insight, for those who think they already know the answers, this is well worth reading."

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