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Slubgrip Instructs: Fifty Days with the Devil
by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

About the Book

Slubgrip Instructs is the sequel to Fr. Dwight Longenecker's successful book, The Gargoyle Code.

In The Gargoyle Codemastertempter Slubgrip writes daily to trainee devil Dogwart, advising him on the temptation of a confused young Catholic, while he struggles to control his own "patient" — an older man who is facing a serious illness.

Having been betrayed and sent down, Slubgrip now finds himself sentenced to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. His lectures and meetings, and those of his collection of fiendish guest lecturers are recorded by the security division at Bowelbages and the transcripts comprise the manuscript of Slubgrip Instructs.

Slubgrip's lectures take the reader through the whole range of the temptations in popular culture that undermine the Catholic faith.

While busy teaching and bullying his students, Slubgrip has his eye on toppling President Thornblade and his old enemies — Commissioner Crasston and head of Detention, the tempter Snozzle. Will Slubgrip's coup succeed or will he receive yet another "invitation to dinner down below"?

About the Author

Fr. Dwight Longenecker is an American who has spent most of his life living and working in England.

Longenecker was brought up in an Evangelical home in Pennsylvania. After graduating from the fundamentalist Bob Jones University with a degree in Speech and English, he went to study theology at Oxford University. He was eventually ordained as an Anglican priest and served as a curate, a school chaplain in Cambridge and a country parson on the Isle of Wight.

Realizing that he and the Anglican Church were on divergent paths, in 1995 Fr. Dwight and his family were received into the Catholic Church. Longenecker spent the next ten years working as a freelance Catholic writer, contributing to over twenty-five magazines, papers and journals in Britain, Ireland and the USA. His first book is the best-selling book of English conversion stories called The Path to Rome — Modern Journeys to the Catholic Faith.

He has a regular column at National Catholic Register, the St. Austin review and is a regular contributor at Patheos via his blog Standing on my Head. In addition to his numerous books on theology, he has also written a couple of children's books, had three of his screenplays produced, and is working on a thriller set in the English Reformation.

In 2006 Longenecker accepted a post as Chaplain to St. Joseph's Catholic School in Greenville, South Carolina. This brought him and his family back, not only to his hometown, but also to the American Bible belt, and hometown of Bob Jones University. In December 2006 he was ordained as a Catholic priest under the special pastoral provision for married former Anglican clergy. He now serves as parish priest of Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Greenville.

Longenecker enjoys movies, blogging, books, riding his motorcycle and visiting Benedictine monasteries. He's married to Alison. They have four children, named Benedict, Madeleine, Theodore and Elias. They live in Greenville, South Carolina, with a black Labrador named Anna, a chocolate Lab named Felicity, a cat named James and various other pets.

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