How Feminism Kills Women

Feminism kills women.Here's how: The logic isn't too difficult:1. Feminists support unrestricted abortion2. Feminists push the abortion agenda especially in the developing world3. When abortion is permitted in major parts of the developing world they choose gender selective abortion4. Gender selection abortion always eliminates females NOT males.5. Check out the statistics for gender selective abortion in India and China. Go here.6. Check out the increase of gender … [Read More...]

Hillary Nixon

Hillary Clinton is Making Richard Nixon Look Like Snow White

Geesh! the Bill and Hillary Corruption show opens with another show stopper.New York Times reports hereMark Shea summarizes:In September 2005, Bill Clinton traveled to Kazakhstan and met his friend Frank Giustra (pronounced joo-strah), who wanted to buy uranium mines there. Clinton gave a press conference with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in which he endorsed the leader’s human rights record and democratic progress, even though he had just received 91% of the vote i … [Read More...]

Francis and Humility

My article for Aleteia this week focusses on the humble actions of Pope Francis and their power to make a statement about the Catholic faith. While Francis’ gestures of humility are important, we should stop and ask ourselves what they are really worth. Critics say they are empty gestures. Washing t … [Read More...]

Catholics Worship Dagon the Fish God? Paganism and Propaganda…

I am featuring links to some of my archived articles through the blog and will be spending some time improving those links over the next few weeks.I hope the blog will soon be a resource with many more articles from various sources that I have written over the years.Here's a long apologetics … [Read More...]

What If the English Reformation Never Happened?

No time to blog today, but I have had time to skim this excellent article at the Catholic Herald. The 19-year-old King Henry VIII took to the field arrayed in cloth of gold and blue velvet, all spangled with golden hearts and K’s for his 25-year-old wife, Katherine of Aragon, whose honour he d … [Read More...]

Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Confession

I'm struck by how few Catholics take advantage of the sacrament of confession, and I wonder why.I think one of the reasons is that many cradle Catholics were hauled off to confession every week as children and they weren't really taught about the healing power of the sacrament.Their … [Read More...]

The Healing Power of the Eucharist

One of the difficulties I find in being a pastor is how little we really expect the power of the sacraments to be real.We go through the motions of our religion, but don't expect prayers to be answered and don't really expect the sacraments to have any effect in our lives.It is our lack of … [Read More...]

Divorce and Remarriage? I Have No Opinion

Some time ago I was meeting with a Catholic woman who had been divorced and re-married.I welcomed her to our church and was having a new parishioner meeting with her when the subject of her marital situation came up."I hope you're going to be welcoming over this." she said rather … [Read More...]

Arrogance, Ignorance and the Unforgivable Sin

Don't mistake arrogance for pride.Sure, arrogance is nauseating, and when it's not nauseating it's amusing.When a person struts around with his nose in the air, assumes a know-it-all attitude and bosses everyone around, first you get annoyed --"Who does this guy think he is??"Then, once … [Read More...]

To Help the Widows and the Fatherless…

You may have heard about the Rogans, a traditional Catholic family who lost their Dad as he was driving them to the hospital so Mom could give birth to baby number eight.An oncoming car hit a deer which was thrown into the path of the family van.Mike was killed.Niki gave birth a few … [Read More...]

Left Wing Writer Wants to Limit Freedom of Speech

Those of us who observe and criticize ideologies of all kinds observe that ideologues invariably fall into the most wild of hypocrisies.So the left wing--who have always been advocates of free speech--defenders of protesters, defenders of pornography, defenders of attacks on Christianity, … [Read More...]

Reagan Shooter’s Weird Link With the Bush Clan

Do you remember John Hinckley--the guy who shot Ronald Reagan?This article explains how he is being "re-integrated" into society. In fact, he has been out and about off and on since 2003.John Hinkley and the Reagan assassination attempt is one of the hugest non-stories ever to be whitewashed … [Read More...]

Is Religious Enquiry Reasonable?

Benjamin Franklin wrote, "The way to see by faith is to close the eye of reason."What a shallow lie that is, but it is understandable given his deistic, rationalism. The idea that faith and reason are incompatible is a commonplace among both rationalists and religionists.Very often along … [Read More...]

Resurrection or Re-Incarnation?

Christians believe in the resurrection of the body. This means that in some sort of way, at the last day, we will have a ‘resurrection body’. What does this mean and how can this be? Is God going to gather up every last particle of me and put me back together again? What about the people who were blo … [Read More...]

If You Died Tonight Are You 100% Sure….'d go to heaven?That is the question Evangelicals love to ask people.It's one of religion's easiest sells and the conversation goes like this:"If you died tonight do you know if you would go to heaven?"The majority of people would shrug and say, "Not sure."The Evangelical … [Read More...]

Are Catholics Just as Divided as Anglicans?

A comment on the recent announcement that global Evangelical Anglicans are starting up their own "parallel church" has brought the observation that "Catholics are just as divided as Anglicans although they have maintained authoritarian "unity".I suspect this comment comes from an Anglican, and … [Read More...]