Twelve Ideas for Making America Great Again

You'll be glad to hear that I'm not running for President, but here are my twelve ideas for making America great again.Give bigger tax breaks for charitable giving - Rather than taxing rich people to death, give them bigger tax breaks for charitable giving. Regulate charities more - Make sure charities really do charitable work and are not fronts for lobbying groups or fronts for abortion providers or political activism or slush funds for former politicians to receive bribes Invest in Pe … [Read More...]

Queen Hillary and King Henry

This article in the Boston Globe (of all places!) gives you the run down on Hiliary Clinton's anti Catholic stance.What I like about it is the comparison to Henry VIIIAFTER KING HENRY VIII broke ties with the Catholic Church because of a dispute over marriage, Catholics were treated very badly. Bishops were locked up. Monasteries were closed. Tens of thousands were executed in the bloody turmoil of the English Reformation. All of which raises an interesting point: If the church wouldn’t … [Read More...]

Who Says You Can’t Afford a Beautiful Church?

One of the most common misconceptions about traditional church architecture is that it has to be expensive.Sure, if you go with a prima donna architect with an international reputation you're going to pay over the odds.Our little parish in the poor part of town has just built a beautiful … [Read More...]

Clinton’s Anti-Catholic Team

Part of this week's leaked email release features an exchange from Clinton team members about "conservative Catholicism".This article from Catholic News Agency reports on the comments.What is frightening about these ideologues is that their ignorance is always combined with arrogance. They … [Read More...]

An Ideologue or an Egotist?

A friend recently voiced their doubts and fears about a Hillary Clinton presidency and it made me think.In a few weeks' time Americans will go to the polls. Over the last year I have posted harsh words about Donald Trump, and people have got on my case for it. "Oh Father, why are you being so … [Read More...]

Ten Practical Ways to Win the Pro Life Battle

It is natural during a Presidential election year for the people who are pro-life to get pretty passionate against the candidate and party who are actively pro-abortion. We are also apt to get passionate in favor of the candidate or party who pledges to be anti abortion.That's all well and good, … [Read More...]

What I Will Do If Hillary is Elected

If Hillary Clinton is elected President I will continue to fight against abortion by supporting our local charity that helps women in crisis pregnancies, by teaching the kids in my parish school about the evils of abortion, by marching for life, by preaching on the dignity of each human person from … [Read More...]

Anglicans and Romans Celebrate Closer Ties?

My friend Edward Pentin reports here on some events in Rome this week celebrating fifty years of Anglican-Roman Catholic ecumenical talks.Far be it from me to rain on anyone's parade, but the fifty years of ecumenical talks have been a resounding disappointment. I'm sure it must be a very good … [Read More...]

Pence and Kaine: Two Bad Catholics?

Embed from Getty Images Last night's VP debate was interesting from a religious point of view because it pitted a departed Catholic against a dissident Catholic.In doing some demographic studies of the church recently I came across the statistics I already knew--that former Catholics are one of … [Read More...]

Take the Pill and Get Depressed

An interesting study reported in London's left-leaning The Guardian here has upheld a clear link between the hormonal birth control pill and depression.A newly published study from the University of Copenhagen has confirmed a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression. The largest of its … [Read More...]

Is the Crucifix is a Symbol of Hate?

In today's news a group concerned with hate crime on campus reports that one of the complaints they had was from someone who objected to a crucifix because it was "a symbol of oppression and hate of the LBGT+ community"This article reports how the University of Wisconsin/La Crosse have a … [Read More...]

Trump and the American Macho Pushback

I've been pondering the Trump phenomenon and it is truly incredible to watch.His performance in last night's debate was pretty awful, but that will not matter in the least, and he knows it.He is rising to power, and I predict that he will continue to do so no matter what he does.This is … [Read More...]

Why Go to Confession?

Why go to confession?Because the fast way to hell might be through a big, nasty, dirty and shocking mortal sin (with sudden death soon to follow) but the slow way is to take the "broad way that leads to destruction."The road to hell is shoulder to shoulder with nice people who never do … [Read More...]

Extreme Conservatives Join in Smacking Mother Teresa

You have to admit, the Catholic Church, being universal truly includes everyone. We have our saints. We have our sinners, and like every family, we have our crazy uncles.While millions of Catholics rejoice at the canonization of Mother Teresa guess what, some of the more wild eyed conspiracy … [Read More...]

If the Left Smacked Pope Francis As They Do Mother Teresa…

What if the left wing secular atheists attacked Pope Francis the way they do Mother Teresa?I expect it would read something like this: Can you believe what this so called "saintly pope" did yesterday? He gave 1500 homeless people a pizza party. That is sooo condescending? He's able to live an a … [Read More...]

War and Abortion

There’s some fuzzy thinking among Catholics on the issue of abortion and war. The argument goes like this: “Vote Democrat and innocent babies get killed through abortion. Vote Republican and innocent people get killed in an unjust war. Since you’re going to end up with killing either way, let’s ignor … [Read More...]