Winners of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award

The Political Impact of the Planned Parenthood Videos

As the Center for Medical Progress continues to roll out their YouTube videos the impact on American consciousness and on the American political scene is bound to be immense.Paul Shimek details some of the political fallout here.John Zmirak weighs in here with his usual biting and scathing wit and style. This one is a must read.First of all, putting the videos out bit by bit in short and easily watched segments is a brilliant move. This will keep the issue alive throughout the rest … [Read More...]


Planned Parenthood Video #3

This week's video from Center for Medical Progress is out this morning.It is very graphic.Furthermore, the charges that it is "highly edited" and secretive are far less able to be substantiated.It features an interview with a former employee of StemExpress--the company that purchases baby body parts from Planned Parenthood.She details her experience going to a clinic to collect "specimens"The camera then goes into a similar clinic and you hear and see the Planned … [Read More...]

Ten “Isms” That Are Destroying the Church

One of the talks I present when I am conducting a parish mission is "The Attack of the Isms" and portray them as an alien attack on rational earthlings.I discuss twelve different forms of relativism, and as Pope Benedict referred to "the dictatorship of Relativism" notice how all ten lead to … [Read More...]

The Devil of Detroit and Caitlyn Jenner

I was doing some research for an article on the statue of Baphomet which was unveiled in Detroit last weekend when I discovered some very interesting details.For those of you who are not up to speed, the Satanic Temple unveiled a nine foot statue of Baphomet--or Satan.As I looked at the … [Read More...]

Is It OK to Lie to Do Good?

As I predicted, the public relations machine at Planned Parenthood are now portraying themselves as being "harassed" by "a concerted smear campaign orchestrated by the most extreme elements of the anti-choice activists."They object to the fact that the David Dalieden and the Center for Medical … [Read More...]

A Medieval Cure for Road Rage

My article for Imaginative Conservative this week is a review of my visit to Norcia and the monks' marvelous new CD In June, I was blessed to visit Italy for a week. As we made our way from the rough and tumble of Rome down the winding roads of Umbria, the peace of the Italian countryside began to … [Read More...]

Whatever Happened to Purgatory?

Have you noticed how many Catholics seem to have forgotten purgatory?When a loved one dies they say, "Aunt Hilda has gone to be with the Lord" or "Daddy is in heaven now." or they comfort the bereaved by saying, "George is with his beloved Gladys now." or at Catholic funerals the preacher … [Read More...]

Pope Francis Reflecting Saint Francis

This week's article for Aleteia is a meditation on how Pope Francis reflects the virtues of Saint Francis St. Francis is loved by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike because his life too, was one of significant and prophetic action. He was a poet and prophet through the simplicity of his life, … [Read More...]

Get Ready for the Sequel: “Poor Little Planned Parenthood”

Fascinated by the Center for Medical Progress weekly Planned Parenthood videos?Get ready for the sequel of the summer blockbuster: Planned Parenthood: the Victim.I've already spotted these lines in news reports: "It's Going to be a Long Summer for Planned Parenthood" and "Planned Parenthood … [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood: Crunching and Crushing Babies

Last week's Planned Parenthood video featured Dr Deborah Nucatola explaining in detail how she "crushes here" and "crushes there" using ultrasound to help position her forceps so she can keep the baby's internal organs intact for be "re-imbursed" later.Now we have Dr Mary Gatter discussing how … [Read More...]

Second Planned Parenthood Top Doctor Caught in Sting

 Center for Medical Progress have released their second video catching Planned Parenthood top executives in the sale of baby parts.This time the person discussing the price for baby livers is Dr Mary Gatter.She states that it is "not all about the money" but she haggles for top … [Read More...]

The Bob Jones Battle

My post for Imaginative Conservative website this week explores the possibility of religious groups having their tax exempt status removed because of their policies on marriage.As a Catholic priest, who is also a graduate of Bob Jones University (BJU), I caught with interest Supreme Court … [Read More...]

The Sandals, the Staff and the Promised Land

Do you remember this detail from Sunday's Mass gospel? He instructed them to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick— no food, no sack, no money in their belts. They were, however, to wear sandals but not a second tunic. What was our Lord thinking about? Was he trying to set up a kind … [Read More...]

Babies for Sale

My latest article for CRUX exposes the root problem beneath the Planned Parenthood fetal tissues scandal.It's the fact that we not only sell aborted babies' hearts, lungs and livers, but we do so because human beings are now treated as commercial commodities to be used, abused and thrown … [Read More...]

Cecile Richards: The Vampire Strikes Back

So here's where we are: a rather pleasant looking, well educated, professional woman in a smart restaurant nibbles her salad and sips her wine while she discusses how best to pull a baby from it's mother's womb, then she explains how she plans where she will place the forceps so that she "crushes" … [Read More...]

Big Media in Bed With Planned Parenthood

Do you remember how the story about the abortionist and serial killer Kermit Gosnell was ignored by the mainstream media?What's their response to the latest American abortion horror story?Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist gives a review of the papers here.At 8:00 AM on Tuesday … [Read More...]