A President with Catholic Values?

Much talk today about the fact that come November we will be faced with the choice of a venal, arrogant, immoral, sleazy Republican or a venal, arrogant, immoral, sleazy Democrat for President.There seems to be a fair bit of chest beating and questioning going on..."Where is the candidate who best expresses Catholic values?" or "We need a candidate who will stand up for marriage, sanctity of life and freedom of religion."The problem with this kind of talk is that people assume that … [Read More...]

Disturbed by the Presidential Election? Take My Advice…

If you're like me you are aghast at the choices now before us. It is almost certain that the American people will choose between a corrupt, scheming, immoral, venal, arrogant, greedy and ignorant Republican or a corrupt, scheming, immoral, venal, arrogant and ignorant Democrat.Both of whom are old friends of each other and who luxuriate in their status as members of the East Coast, NYC billionaires club.So what's to do?Take the Amish option. The Amish don't vote in national … [Read More...]

Why the Immaculata Matters

On our recent pilgrimage to Poland I was reminded again of St Maximilian Kolbe's devotion to Mary who he referred to as "the Immaculata"In the face of the growing evil in Europe during his lifetime he formed the Militia of the Immaculate because he wanted an army of Catholics totally dedicated … [Read More...]

Do Not Be Afraid! – Sunday’s Homily

My homily this week reflects on our parish pilgrimage to Poland and witnesses to the heroism of Pope St John Paul the Great and St Faustina.Go here to listen to A Pope and Providence: Do Not Be Afraid! … [Read More...]

Maximillian Kolbe and the Redemption of Auschwitz

My article at Aleteia this week is a reflection on our pilgrimage visit to Kolbe's friary and subsequent visit to Auschwitz. We were graced this month to travel to Poland on a parish pilgrimage. It was my first extended visit to the country, so it was therefore a great joy to visit Niepokalanow — t … [Read More...]

The Agony of Auschwitz

I didn't get to blog very much during our parish pilgrimage to Poland because we were on the go the whole time and when I wasn't on the move I was spending time with the pilgrims, hearing confessions, saying Mass, leading prayers or just hanging out.We're all trying to sift through our memories … [Read More...]

On the Reality and Relevance of Relics

We are heading home after a fantastic parish pilgrimage to Poland where we were uplifted, astounded and inspired by Catholic Poland.Part of the reason for our journey was to receive first class relics of Pope St John Paul II and St Faustina to be housed in the new Shrine of the Divine Mercy … [Read More...]

Eucharistic Miracles and Protestants?

I'm blogging from Poland, and meant to do a fair bit of writing from this wonderful country, but the schedule of our pilgrimage has been full of faith and fellowship, so the blogging and writing has gotten pushed back.On our departure a week ago we heard about the new Eucharistic miracle at … [Read More...]

Does Amoris Laetitia Encourage Communion of Divorced and Re-Married?

Embed from Getty Images This article from Aleteia re-affirms two things about Pope Francis' exhortation.First of all Cardinal Schonborn affirms what Cardinal Burke said in his interview at National Catholic Register that the exhortation needs to be read in continuity with the whole of the … [Read More...]

Amoris Laetitia – Chapter 8 and That Footnote…

Readers have asked for my opinion about the Holy Father's Apostolic Exhortation, and apart from a couple of posts over the weekend about the issue of marriage in general I haven't commented that much.That's because I haven't had the time to read the exhortation.Now, having read it, my … [Read More...]

Praying the Hail Mary for Spiritual Warfare

  One of my favorite Catholic images is that of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus, standing on the globe crowned with twelve stars, trampling a serpent under her feet and offering the rosary to the world.This image from the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation captures the … [Read More...]

Worried? Upset? Confused? Here’s a Great Problem Solver

The other day a woman came to see me with a problem. During her prayer time she saw an angel. It was a beautiful angel who smiled at her. She told me all about her vision in great detail and waited for my reply.I said, "Wonderful. What are you going to do about that?"She shot me a quizzical … [Read More...]

Cardinal Burke Knocks the Armchair Critics of Amoris Laetitia

In this article for the National Catholic Register Cardinal Burke sets out exactly what the pope's exhortation is, what it attempts to do and how it should be received.He says clearly that those who set themselves up as critics of the Holy Father and the exhortation are wrong and are causing … [Read More...]

Is It Time to Head for the Hills?

My latest article for CRUX explores the "Benedict Option" Is it time to head for the hills? That’s what St Benedict did. By the end of the fifth century the great Roman Empire had completely collapsed. The center of government had moved to Constantinople. The Vandals and Goths had sacked Rome, and t … [Read More...]

Ten Reasons for the Marriage Mess

The two synods on the family and the Holy Father's exhortation published last week provide guidance for Catholics who are enmeshed in what I call the Marriage Mess.The fact of the matter is, the whole human race--and not simply Catholic Christians are going through a crisis that is bigger than … [Read More...]

The Pope’s Exhortation – A Parish Priest’s Perspective

In the wake of yesterday's publication of Amoris Laetitia allow me to weigh in with a parish priest's perspective. In the midst of a busy day in the parish I didn't actually have time to read the exhortation. Neither did I have time last night or this morning. However, I have read some of the online … [Read More...]