The Curse of the Kennedy Catholics

As Tim Kaine steps into the shoes of "devout Catholics" Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, he also joins the club of "Kennedy Catholics"These are the "Catholic" politicians who publicly support abortion.Readers may not be familiar with the history of what we can now call "Kennedy Catholics". This article from the Wall Street Journal tells the full story of how the nation's most prominent Catholic political family switched from being pro life to pro death. Even Ted Kennedy, who gets a 100% … [Read More...]

Prayer and Presidents

It's now a done deal.We've got the choice between Hillary with a Kennedy-Catholic VP or Trump with a Catholic who took off for the Evangelicals and is now "looking for a Church."I think Christians who have any illusion about having a committed and principled Christian in the Oval Office or in the jump seat should come back to earth.It ain't gonna happen.Furthermore, it hasn't been happening for as long as I can remember.  The  the only committed, regular church going Christian in … [Read More...]

You Shall Handle Serpents…

On Facebook the other day somebody screamed because she had had an encounter with a five foot black snake. I guess she would not be inclined to go in for one of the forms of Protestantism here in the American South.Having lived in South Carolina now for ten years I feel like I am starting to … [Read More...]

Pipe Up!

Pipe Up and make your voice heard!If you think good church music makes for good church worship, then please help us reach our goal to build the organ chamber for the new pipe organ at the new Our Lady of the Rosary Church.We need $40,000 and we've already reached the amazing amount of … [Read More...]

Pope Francis and Martin Luther

My article for CRUX this week critiques Pope Francis' remarks on the airplane about Martin Luther No one would disagree that the ecumenical path is difficult, and most everyone would agree that the Protestant revolt was tragic. We would all also affirm with Pope Francis that, as Christian brothers … [Read More...]

Two Kings and Lord of the Rings

My essay  this week at Imaginative Conservative links two kings and Lord of the Rings. A minor observation in a recent essay began a series of connections that will please Catholics, conservatives, history hounds, and J.R.R. Tolkien fans. go here for the full article. … [Read More...]

Build Better Music Brick by Brick

A lot of Catholics complain about the music at their parish. The congregational singing is weak and half hearted, the choir members are trying hard, but they lack real training. Often the music choices are contemporary, drab, sentimental words with equally weak music.It's not easy to change a … [Read More...]

Mary Magdalene: She’s One of the Family

Good news that Mary Magdalene's memorial has been promoted to be a Feast. Go here for the info.I've always liked that detail from the film Jesus of Nazareth where Mary Magdalene tried to get through the cordon to stand at the foot of the cross. The Virgin and John have just got through, but the c … [Read More...]

The Suburban Hermit Breaks His Silence

I see that I have not blogged at The Suburban Hermit since February!Today's Mass reading of Elijah in the cave at Mt Horeb has prompted the Suburban Hermit to break his four month silence and return to the keyboard.Go here to read today's post about Elijah and  how the monastic tradition has … [Read More...]

Can I Be a Catholic Ostrich Please?

The news is so uniformly bizarre and the world so amazingly insane and the storm clouds on the horizon so terrifying that I really would like to be a Catholic ostrich.In other words, I want to put my head in the sand, hunker down, mind my own business, try to do what I can to be a good priest … [Read More...]

Is It a Food Pantry or a Poison Pantry?

My Article at CRUX this week questions the effectiveness of our charity efforts. The poor-whether they are genuine or not-congregate around Catholic churches because the needy know we care. Down through the ages Catholics, along with other Christians have rolled up their sleeves and got to work … [Read More...]

Ten Things I Learned About Building a New Church

OK. This is a MUST READ if you or your parish are planning to build a new church or planning to renovate an ugly modern church.I learned these things through building the new Our Lady of the Rosary Church at OLRBeauty doesn't need to be expensive - when we got started and I was talking … [Read More...]

Mass? What’s the Point?

My article at Aleteia this week is a discussion of Cardinal Sarah's encouragement of ad orientem celebration of the Mass. Last week the French publication Famille Chretienne published a lengthy interview with Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Dis … [Read More...]

A Pipe Organ or Kumbayah?

What is it about a pipe organ that is so important that the fathers of the second Vatican Council actually recommended its use in worship?In Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council, promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI on December 4, 1963, … [Read More...]

Mob Violence: It’s Going to Get Worse

Embed from Getty ImagesI hate to be a harbinger of doom, but the mob violence we are witnessing in the United States is going to get worse.Don't imagine that this is a "right wing" or "left wing" problem. The mobs inside the Trump rallies and the mobs outside the Trump rallies are … [Read More...]

Be an Organ Donor of the Catholic Kind!

We're building a new church in our parish and we've taken the bold step of buying a pipe organ.The pipe organ adds beauty and dignity to our Catholic worship. It's a traditional instrument for the solemn significance of our Catholic Mass.We have factored the purchase price into our financial … [Read More...]