Holy Mary Mother of God

The subject of Mary the Mother of Jesus is one of the most problematic for Evangelical Christians.

Here you’ll find a series of article that I have written over the years which help to explain what Catholics believe about Mary.

Mother of God – Defender of Orthodoxy – a short article on the history of the term Mother of God and why it is vital as a defense of who Jesus Christ really is.

Mary Co-Redemptrix – How do you explain the doctrine of Mary Co-Redemptrix to a Protestant? This article gives some help.

Distorted Devotions – Do Catholics Honor Mary Too Much? – This debate echoes my book Mary A Catholic Evangelical Debate written with fellow Bob Jones graduate David Gustafson.

Why a Former Evangelical Loves the Rosary – This short article explains why the rosary–rather than being all about Mary–brings us into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Do Catholics Worship Mary? – This short post explains what Catholics think about Mary and our devotion to her.

Purity is Power – This longer article is chapter six from my book Adventures in Orthodoxy. It is a Chestertonian meditation on the power and purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Woman and Serpent – Take 2 – This is a chapter from my book Mary-A Catholic Evangelical Debate. This is was written with a former Bob Jones University classmate–lawyer (and very smart guy) David Gustafson. In this chapter we discuss the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

Once a Virgin Always a Virgin? – This is chapter four from my book with David Gustafson. We discuss the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin and its implications.

Mary Mother of God or Mother Goddess? – This longer article explores the often stated allegation that Catholic devotion to Mary is simply old fashioned pagan religion imported to Christianity. Is that the answer or is the real answer simpler? There is a small fee for this digital download.