The Authority of the Catholic Church

How Do We Know it’s the True Church? – this shorter article goes through six pairs of criteria which define and defend the authenticity of the Catholic Church’s authority. This is a free article.


Believing and  Belonging – What it Means to Be Part of the Apostolic Church – This article explains the different levels of Apostolicity and show how the Catholic faith offers the fullness of the apostolic faith of Christ. This is a free article.

Which Came First? – This is an excerpt from my book Challenging Catholics written with John Martin. John is an Evangelical, and we debate the necessity of the authority of both Scripture and the Church. This is a free article.

Them and Us – Is it true that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church? This article explores the real teaching of the Catholic Church on this issue. No charge for this article.

Authority of the First Popes – This article, first published in This Rock magazine examines the status of the men claimed to be the first popes and answers the question–was the early church democratic and was the papacy an early medieval invention.

What is Truth? – An Examination of Sola Scriptura – This long article looks into the Biblical and historical grounds for the Protestant belief in ‘Scripture Alone’. Can sola Scriptura be supported by Scripture? This article is available for to download for $1.99

Biblical Support for the Authority of the Pope – this 5,000 word article is available as a download for $1.99.