The Philosophy and Fate of Jeffrey Epstein

The Philosophy and Fate of Jeffrey Epstein August 14, 2019

We cannot rejoice in the death of any man, and any suicide is a tragic waste of life.

However, Jeffrey Epstein’s recent downfall and fate should make us take a long, hard look at the philosophy Epstein obviously shared with many other men and women in our society. It can be called the Playboy philosophy for want of a better term.

Pioneered by Hugh Hefner, and snowballing in the sexual revolution, it portrays sexual relations as no more than a healthy, wholesome past time for happy, beautiful people. The gals were even called Playmates and wore little funny bunny outfits. It was assumed that the girls were as sexually voracious as the guys and with a few drinks or sniffs of powder the inhibitions would disappear and a good time was had by all.

In the past such proclivities and activities were the stuff of dark basements, sordid orgies and disgusting displays of animalistic behaviors. Hefner cleaned it ups for a squeaky clean America and made it all seem just as wholesome and happy as going out to the ball game or chilling out with some buff, handsome guys and gorgeous gals like the girls next door.

Is it any wonder that a man with enough wealth to do what he wants should argue that it was perfectly normal and healthy to bed teenaged beauties? If some of the girls were underage, well maybe they lied about their age. Girls do that all the time don’t they? When they want to hang out with the big kids or earn some quick bucks for a little adventure? “Hey!” he’d argue, “We didn’t harm anybody. If some of the girls took it all too seriously, well, lots of women do that. They should get over it.”

That’s the philosophy of Jeffrey Epstein, and we should face the truth. That’s really the philosophy when it comes to sexuality, of a huge number of Americans.

My article over at The Stream today analyzes this further. Jump over there and have a read.

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