Praise for Gay and Catholic

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Gay and Catholic
Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith

By Praise for Gay and Catholic

What People Are Saying

"By turns hilarious, thoughtful, constructive, and searingly honest, Gay and Catholic is a must-read for anyone who believes the terms are mutually exclusive, for anyone who thinks seriously about Catholicism and the pastoral care of the homosexual person, for anyone who thinks they've already figured it all out. Eve Tushnet has written a humane, brave, and groundbreaking book that demolishes assumptions. If you think you know what she is going to say, you don't. So you need to read this."
— Elizabeth Scalia,
author of Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life

"I recommend Eve Tushnet's new book, not because I agree with everything in it—I don't—but because I learned a lot from it. I believe others will learn from it, too. Unlike just about everyone else who writes on issues of sexuality, morality, and marriage, Eve is impossible to classify. She's a devout Catholic, but scarcely qualifies as a "conservative." She self-identifies as "gay," but most others who identify themselves in that way will not find themselves sympathizing with her ideas and arguments. Still, few have thought as deeply or as creatively as has she about same-sex attraction and its existential significance for persons who experience it. Readers across the spectrum will be informed and challenged by her reflections."
— Robert P. George, 
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

"Eve Tushnet puts a human face on Church teaching. With unassuming but total candor, she describes her experience of the challenge and joy of living as an openly lesbian woman who is deeply attached to her Catholic faith. Her account will open a new window on human and Christian experience for many people inside and outside the Church."
— Fr. Rev. Louis Cameli,
 author of Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality

"I know that some people somewhere may consider this a controversial book. But it is hard for me to think of anything so kind, honest, non-doctrinaire, commonsensical, and good-humored as a Catholic I found material for self-reflection on virtually every page. This book was a real grace for me, as it will no doubt be for many others trying to live as disciples of Jesus."
— Peter Steinfels, 
Co-director, Fordham Center on Religion and Culture

"Honest, fresh, and tremendously helpful, Eve Tushnet's new book offers a roadmap for Catholics experiencing same-sex attraction. Using her own experiences as a gay, celibate, Catholic convert, Eve shows how the celibate vocation offers both a cross and a crown. For a first-hand look at this challenging but grace-filled path, as well as practical tips for helping same-sex attracted friends and family, read this book."
— Brandon Vogt,
 author of Saints and Social Justice

"Eve Tushnet has written a book that's hard to read and that challenges every assumption you might have never known you had. Open your mind and bare your heart with her, because what you have in your hands might just be the most important book of our age. It's raw and honest and critical, with some laughter and tears on top. Truly, a book that's not just a keeper, but a sharer, too."
— Sarah Reinhard,

"Eve Tushnet's conversion story and subsequent gradual surrender to the faith make for a fascinating read—full of wry humor, practical advice, humility, and best of all, deliciously pungent word craft. Full of insight, there is plenty to chew on in Gay and Catholic, which is part memoir, part guidebook, and honest to the core."
— Simcha Fisher, author of The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning

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