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"Halter's done it with Sacrilege. He's somehow managed to write a book that brings everything into alignment for those who are trying to follow Jesus without all the mess. This riveting book will give you a fresh vision for your life and the world."—Carl Medearis, author of Muslims, Christians, and Jesus; Tea with Hezbollah; and Speaking of Jesus

"Every generation God compels a handful of courageous leaders—prophets—to call the church back to its Jesus movement essence. Hugh Halter is such a leader. In Sacrilege, Hugh compels the church to ask a very dangerous question about everything it does: 'Why?' For the sake of Christ and all those he lived and died and lived again to save, I dare you to step into that space, read the book, and do as God and his Scriptures lead—nothing more, nothing less."—Jim Mellado, Willow Creek Association

"Raise a glass! Here's to shaking away any and all 'religion' and setting Jesus free to be who he is, the One who loves and pursues us relentlessly! Finally a book that speaks to the radical and countercultural way of Jesus in a way that is true, honest, and compelling to my friends who have given up on faith and to my friends who are desperate to find it."—Brad Corrigan of the band Dispatch

3/16/2012 4:00:00 AM
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