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Butterflies in the Belfry—Serpents in the Cellar: An Intentional Quest for a Natural Christianity
J. Michael Jones

About the Book:

In 1988, Michael Jones moved his family to the Middle East to be missionaries to Muslims as part of one of the most demanding Christian organizations. Michael found the Muslim people to be extremely hospitable, but discovered serious flaws within his own evangelical worldview. After a catastrophic collapse of faith, standing in middle of the post-evangelical wilderness, Michael contemplates the possible paths out, including returning to agnosticism or even suicide.

Michael takes the reader on an intimate yet intellectually enthralling journey through his personal history and the history of Western civilization. In the end, not only does he find the answers to his personal dilemma, but, inadvertently, he discovers a refreshing form of Christianity, that has been forgotten.

About the Author:

J. Michael Jones lives with his wife, Denise, in Anacortes, Washington. They have five grown children. For 35 years, Michael has had a career as a PA in neurology and medical care in the developing world. He has written over 30 articles in national and international medical journals and published two other books: A Kernel in the Pod and Why Your Head Aches. WWW.JMICHAELJONESWRITER.COM.

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