Praise for The Master Yeshua

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The Master Yeshua: The Undiscovered Gospel of Joseph
By Joyce Luck

"A grounded retelling of Christ's life and the early days of the church from the gospel of his ailing nephew . . . . An ideal example of how fiction can be used to present and explore alternative concepts in history and religion." —Kirkus Reviews

"Luck's rendering of Christ's life is steeped in the mystery and beauty of the holy scriptures while embracing the ancient history of the era. The Master Yeshua is a satisfying read for the biblical novice as well as for those raised in the tradition."  —Kimberly C. Escamilla, MA, MFA, Executive Director, International Poetry Library of San Francisco

"Well-researched and creative, an intriguing contribution to biblical fiction."  —Roberta Reynolds, PhD, Professor of English, College of San Mateo

6/1/2015 4:00:00 AM
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