Praise for Mercy in the City

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Mercy in the City
How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job
By Kerry Weber

What People Are Saying

"Kerry Weber is one of the liveliest, brightest, most provocative and most articulate voices on the Catholic scene today. With stories that are both profound and lighthearted (and often at the same time) her marvelous new book will help you locate mercy in your daily life. This is that rare book that will indeed make you laugh and cry, but also pray and serve. Highly recommended."

—James Martin, SJ author of My Life with the Saints and Jesus: A Pilgrimage

"With wit and wisdom, Kerry Weber explores what mercy means in the everyday world. Her clear, spare style reaches the heart and makes one seek just one more brief chapter before putting the book down. Weber focuses on Lent, but this literary treat holds nuggets for all year long."
—Sister Mary Ann Walsh,
Sister of Mercy of the Americas, Director of Media Relations, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

"This engaging book will take you to the heart of what it means to try to practice mercy in a cruel world. It helps us to remember that so much of what we take for granted—food, water to drink, clothing, and shelter—are a luxury to many, even in a land of plenty. From a soup line and homeless shelter to death row on San Quentin, the author makes us see the humanity of those we'd prefer to ignore. And if you're looking for a book that cites both Basil the Great and 'The Muppets Take Manhattan,' this is for you!"
—Kathleen Norris, author of The Cloister Walk and Acedia and Me

"If 'change the world' is on your to-do list, then Mercy in the City should be on your reading list. Kerry Weber's work is instructive, inspirational, filled with heart, and—perhaps most importantly—destined to rock your world. If you've ever desired to be Christ to those in need, but didn't quite know how to make it happen in the context of a busy schedule, this is the book for you!"

—Lisa M. Hendey, author of The Grace of Yes and founder of

2/15/2014 5:00:00 AM
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