Reviews & Endorsements

“Mark Driscoll is one of the best thinkers and Bible teachers in the church today. He is also deeply spiritual and understands the work of the Holy Spirit from his own personal experience. Mark is a dear friend of mine, and there is no one I respect more than him as a theologian, pastor, Bible teacher, and true man of God. Spirit-Filled Jesus is a great book that will enlighten your understanding of Christ and enrich your spiritual life."
“When we think about what being spirit-filled looks like, we probably think about the Book of Acts and the amazing work God did through the first Christians. But Mark reminds us that the perfect example of living by the power of the Holy Spirit was Jesus Himself. Whether he is teaching or writing, Mark is a gift for making the Bible understandable and accessible. I'm so glad he's written this book, and you need to check it out!"