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Surface Tensions
Searching for Sacred Connection in a Media-saturated World

By Nathan Roberts

About the Book

For some, our media-saturated culture points to the decline of Western civilization; for others, it points to the dawn of a bright future. For Nathan Roberts, the mediated landscape is a place to thoughtfully engage with these tensions. This unique memoir, meditative and philosophical, chronicles Nathan's absorption in the vital, inspiring, and often maddening power of media and entertainment. With wry self-effacement and raw honesty, he calls us to conceive of media not only as an abstract, postmodern phenomenon, but as a digital architecture that creates real meeting space. Exploring social media, music, film, art, theater, standup comedy, and more, Nathan shows us a world of entertainment that reflects the universal hunger for connection.

About the Author

Nathan Roberts is an arts, culture, and creative nonfiction writer working toward a PhD in Film and Visual Studies at Harvard University. His writing has been featured on TIME.com, Patheos.com, The High Calling, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Find him on Facebook at facebook.com/nathanrobertsauthor, on Twitter @nathandroberts, and at his blog, Fade Into Focus, at nathandroberts.com.

7/16/2016 4:00:00 AM
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