Praise for "Christian Mystics"

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Christian Mystics: 108 Seers, Saints and Sages
By Carl McColman

"How blessed we are to have this book! I have begun my morning sit lately by reading here from another ancestor in the ways of faith, hope, and love. Carl McColman not only broadens our notion of mysticism, but in rather simple format, also deepens it, and thus invites every Christian on the same beloved path."

—Fr. Richard Rohr,O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Carl McColman offers an inspiring introduction to a broad range of 108 Western Christian mystics, helpfully divided into 9 different kinds of mystics. The reader who is drawn to particular ones as potential teachers for their spiritual journey is helped by the author's listing of an outstanding available book for each mystic, that will expose them more fully to that person's wisdom. The book is written in lucid, non-academic language that allows it to be accessible to a wide range of people."

—Tilden Edwards

"I used to carry around Evelyn Underhill's classic, Mysticism. My copy of Bernard McGinn's anthology is marked on every page. But now, Carl McColman's Christian Mystics will be my go to guide. The people in chapters "Heretics" and "Poets" are like treasures hidden in a field, and the "Unitives" are like a heavenly feast. Appropriately presented last, they are the ones that take us all to new ground."

—Jon M. Sweeney, author of The Enthusiast: How the Best Friend of Francis of Assisi Almost Destroyed What He Started

"A treasure trove of the Christian mystics—seers, saints and sages—-presented in all their rich diversity and offered as mentors to guide the contemporary Christian toward an encounter with the presence of God. Christian Mystics serves as both a primer and a resource to inspire and inform."

—Dana Greene, author of Evelyn Underhill: Artist of the Infinite Life, The Living of Maisie Ward, and Denise Levertov: A Poet's Life

"Carl offers his readers the great gift of a distillation of 108 wise and worthy guides on the mystical way, each entry offering a spark for further exploration. His categories were especially helpful in finding kindred souls and I love that 'Heretics' were included."

—Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, author of nine books on the spiritual life including Illuminating the Way: Embracing the Wisdom of Monks and Mystics

"We live to feel alive. We need to know love and joy. And I feel this book could help safeguard — and encourage — many tender, precious unfurling wings."

—Daniel Ladinsky, bestselling author of The Gift and Love Poems From God

"Christian Mystics is a delightful spiritual banquet, a real feast, giving us a taste of the many mystics throughout time who can serve as our teachers and companions. It is accessible, informative, and inspiring, bringing the mystical tradition to life. This book is a treasure, one to enjoy and return to again and again."

—Colette Lafia, author of Seeking Surrender: How my Friendship with a Trappist Monk Taught me to Trust and Embrace Life

"Carl McColman's wise and gentle primer has introduced me to many mystics I've never heard of, as well as renewed my acquaintance with some favorites like Julian of Norwich, Meister Eckhart and Richard Rohr. This book brings mystics down to earth even while bringing readers that much closer to heaven. I will be turning to it many times in the coming years."

—Jana Riess, author of Flunking Sainthood

"108 is a sacred number in the Eastern wisdom traditions. I love that Carl McColman chose this esoteric vessel to hold the perennial wisdom of the Christian mystics. Drawing together an array of colorful visionaries and sublime poets, this book is an elegant guide to the essence of those awakened souls who transcend religiosity while simultaneously opening our hearts to the love of their Master, Christ."

—Mirabai Starr, Translator of The Showings of Julian of Norwich and Author of GOD OF LOVE: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and CARAVAN OF NO DESPAIR: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation

"The genius of this book lies in its ability to introduce the reader to the heart of the mystics through tiny, sparkling jewels of their writings. A mystic himself, Carl McColman knows these mystics deeply and selects passages that invite the reader into their profound experience of God."

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