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How Oneness Changes Everything
Empowering Business Through 9 Universal Laws
By Ratanjit S. Sondhe

About the Book

What is Oneness?

Oneness is the fundamental awareness that we are all interdependent and interconnected with one another and our planet. This awareness changes and enriches your perspective on how to achieve a balanced, healthy life. Here is what Albert Einstein said about Oneness and human purpose:

A person experiences life as something separated from the rest —
a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison,
and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness.

—Albert Einstein

What is Oneness thinking?

Oneness is a useful frame for holistic thinking, conscious capitalism, business sustainability, personal transformation, employee engagement and leadership development. When the knowledge that separateness is an illusion becomes part of our conscious decision-making process, Oneness thinking connects us with our own very powerful inner values system, and with that of others. As this thinking takes root, it fosters confidence and personal fulfillment, and informs and produces the mindful leaders and teamwork matrix required for conscious capitalism to flourish. These results occur because the ethics of Oneness are in harmony with Universal Law.

What does Oneness have to do with running a successful business?

Business is the primary vehicle for progress in the world. It is a solutions-driver. Through our work, we express our life purpose. When every member of a business team is fully connected and engaged to fulfilling his or her life purpose, the team and all its members are aligned for success.

Is Oneness a religion?

Oneness is a foundational component of most of the world’s major religions, though it is not a religion in and of itself. Oneness thinking does not replace or preclude an individual from practicing his or her religion and typically reinforces and sustains faith-based beliefs. Oneness on a fundamental, quantum level is now considered fact by leading scientists, and for many may serve as a bridge between science and religion.

What is Oneness-based transformation?

Oneness-based values differ from those produced by the fear, greed, ego-centric, and power-driven mind set predominant today, and the worldview in which most of us were raised. Achieving congruence between Oneness-based values and behavior requires transformation—a shift in the values and actions—of the individual, as well as the systemic transformation of the organization. Think of the magnitude of the shift in personal and business thinking that occurred when the understanding that the world was round and not flat took root. That is analogous to the shift that is currently occurring in a world beginning to awaken to the truth and importance of its inter-connectedness.

About the Author

Ratanjit S. Sondhe was the founder and CEO of the international materials science company, PolyCarb, which he sold to The Dow Chemical Company in 2007. He came to America from India with eight dollars in his pocket to study polymer science, and built a highly successful business on the principles of oneness—the fundamental awareness that we are all interdependent and interconnected with each other and our planet. The founder of Discoverhelp, Inc., Ratanjit is an executive coach, leadership trainer, scientist, philosopher, speaker and author. He lives near Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, Dolly.

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