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Rise Catholic Women
You Hold the Key
By Sarah Harding

About the Book

Rise Catholic Women, written by a humble woman so taken back by what she discovered about the dominance of men in the bible and the Catholic church that she believed it to be her mission to discover the reason for this. What she found will not only surprise you but captivate you as she shows her love of God and Catholicism.

This informative book provides mostly unknown fact about the reasons priests are not allowed to marry. It answers questions that our pastors have been encouraged not to discuss.

Sarah Harding shows us that even though statistics show the Catholic church is doing well in the United States, the influx of the Latino Catholic population has diminished. The shortage of priests has affected the salvation of souls to a large degree. Women need to rise and face the challenge to be heard. We need all our priests, not just those who have courageously endured celibacy, but the other one third who have left the Church to marry.

There are 20,000 priests in the United States alone who have left the Church to marry. These priests could be called back to shepherd our churches. You hold the key to unlock the door for them to help save our Roman Catholic Church in America.

About the Author

Sarah Harding, a mother of seven adult children, is the manager and owner of "Parsons Place Christian Bookstore" in Attica, NY. Prior to this, she helped found Attica Furniture Corp., which she co-owned and operated for twenty years. She has actively served in her church as coordinator of religious education and was a past president of her church council. She also servers on the pastoral team of the Notre Dame Prayer Group in Batavia, NY. She was a chairperson for Church Relations for Habitat for Humanity of Wyoming County and received the Lions Club award for community service in 2012.

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