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Jewish–Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity
Seven Twentieth-Century Converts
By Shalom Goldman

About the Book

This book is an exploration of what would seem to be a simple question, but is actually the object of a profound quest—"who is a Jew?" This is a deeply complex issue, both within Judaism, and in interactions between Jews and Christians. JewishChristian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity: Seven Twentieth-Century Converts contends that in the twentieth century the Jewish–Christian relationship has changed to the extent that definitions of Jewish identity were reshaped. The stories of the seven influential and creative converts that are related in this book indicate that the borders dividing the Jewish and Christian faiths are, for many, more fluid and permeable than ever before.

About the Author

Shalom Goldman is professor of religion at Middlebury College. He holds a doctorate from New York University in Hebrew and Biblical Studies. His research and teaching interests include comparative religion, Muslim-Jewish relations, the Bible and Qur'an, Christian-Jewish relations, Christian Hebraism, and Christian Zionism. He has authored numerous books, including Zeal for Zion: Christians, Jews, and the Promised Land and God's Sacred Tongue: Hebrew and the American Imagination.

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