Praise for "Sacred America, Sacred World"

"Dinan's book is a shot across the bow of political complacency. He is calling on Americans from across the political spectrum to aspire to something higher than the conventional ideas and institutions that now drive our politics. He points to the reality of order and freedom as energetic forces within individuals and the culture as well as the need to address the country's psychic shadow. It's a starting point for very important conversations that must take place if our constitutional republic is to not only survive but thrive." —Michael D. Ostrolenk, transpartisan social entrepreneur; cofounder of the Liberty Coalition

"Sacred America, Sacred World provides a valuable voyager's guide to traversing the uncharted waters of planetary transformation. It points us in the direction of functional transpartisan politics, sustainable economics, and our individual responsibility as participants in nurturing civilization's evolution. The insights offered in this powerful book have the potential to change the world."—Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief

"Very few times in one's life does a book of monumental importance and significance come along. This book is one of those times. Sacred America, Sacred World will awaken the deep dream within you for the next level of the expression of America's soul in the world. Stephen both honors ideologies and also transcends them into a shared mission and destiny for America and humanity. This book is nothing less than the blueprint and the foundation for the next level of the American Dream." —Martin Rutte, bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

"Reading Stephen Dinan's epic tome during a presidential election year full of debased debates is like opening a window to a room that's been hermetically sealed for decades. This book is disruptively sacred, delectably stimulating, and deeply spiritual. Read it and reap." —Chip Conley, bestselling author of Peak, entrepreneur who built a $250M business, top-rated TED presenter

"This wise and moving book will help us all in the central task of our time. That of reinventing a way of being and doing that reflects our sacred nature and sacred purpose." —Andrew Harvey, author of over 30 books and founder of Institute for Sacred Activism

"Stephen Dinan has performed a unique feat: he has created a holistic view of the future of the United States without demonizing anyone. This is book is a powerful road map to a better world and a better country. It will be a guidebook for visionaries, activists, and change agents for years to come." —Tim Kelley, global consultant, author of True Purpose

"Responding to a broken political world of ends-justified tactics and narrow self-interests, Dinan provides a positive, holistic vision for our democracy." —Don Ness, former mayor, Duluth, Minnesota

"Stephen Dinan invites us to connect with the sacred mission to reinvent the world that is America's deep reason for being. He provides us with many transformative strategies to do that, but underneath each of them is a being infused with hope for the future and an indomitable belief in possibility. Read this book if you wish to be infused with Stephen's two precious gifts for navigating the 21st century on Planet Earth." —David Gershon, CEO of Empowerment Institute and author of Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing the World

"Sacred America, Sacred World offers an inspiring vision of our spiritual roots and our future potential as a nation, while also addressing shadow elements that need healing. It provides fascinating insights on how to transcend rigid liberal/conservative ideologies, based on the author's own experience, and gives many useful ideas for how citizens can get engaged in transforming America."—Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, coauthors of Spiritual Politics and cofounders of The Center for Visionary Leadership

"Heartfelt and personal, yet also well-informed by leading-edge political thinking, I highly recommend this thoughtful and thoroughly readable book."—Steve McIntosh, author of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution

"Rarely does a book come along that not only presents an illuminating picture of how our country and our world can evolve to work for everyone, but also offers profound understanding about how to get there. Sacred America, Sacred World is such a book and a remarkable achievement. As we approach America's 250th anniversary, Stephen's pragmatic vision can excite and guide us. A deep bow to his intelligence, his heart, and his commitment to our beloved country and the world."—John Steiner and Margo King

7/16/2016 4:00:00 AM
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