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The Unexpected Power of a Question-Led Life
by Tom Hughes

About the Book

Did you know that of the 183 questions Jesus was asked, he answered only four of them directly? The other 179 he answered with questions (or sometimes a story). Questions are not the enemy of faith; they are the way Jesus most often helped people not just say the right things, but live the right ways. The joy, creativity, and the adventure we were created to live begin with asking the right questions and then living into the answers with God's help.

If you are wondering how to draw closer to Jesus and live your unique adventure with him, Curious will help you, question by question, step into the future God has for you. If you are a leader who wonders how to lead well without burning out, Curious will show you how, by asking the right questions, you can help empower those you influence to greater motivation and creativity as they live out their answers to these questions with God's help. As Jesus demonstrated, asking the right questions at the right time, and communicating them in the right spirit, can transform hearts and change the world.

Let Tom Hughes thread together stories that will lead you into a new sense of confidence, not in yourself but in the God who loves you and calls you according to his good purpose.

About the Author

Tom Hughes is the lead pastor of Christian Assembly Church (www.cachurch.com) in Los Angeles, a growing church with currently more than 3,000 people attending each weekend. Christian Assembly was born during the Azusa Street Revival in L.A. and has been serving L.A. for 107 years. It's known in L.A. as a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church that has been sparking good for, with, and within the city for more than a century.

Tom's teachings have been used in more than two dozen countries. He earned degrees in Sociology and World Religions from Ohio Wesleyan University prior to graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary with a M.Div. Tom and his wife Allison have three children, live in Los Angeles but root for the Pittsburgh Steelers until L.A. decides to get an NFL team.

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