Discussion Questions for "The Power of the Cross"

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The Power of the Cross: Putting It to Work In Your Life
By Tony Evans

1. What do you believe is the prevailing belief or significance of having cross-themed jewelry and paraphernalia in our homes, cars or on our person?

2. In what ways have you observed or used the Cross as the centerpiece for Religion? For relationship?

3. If Jesus is who He claimed to be, (The Son of God) why do you think He allowed Himself to be publically humiliated and executed?  Why didn’t He bring down legions of angels to release Him from His captors?

4. Being both undiminished Deity and perfect humanity, Jesus nature is very different from ours. The image of God cloaking Himself in human flesh to die in our place is the greatest love imaginable. How then should we live and love in response to this great gift? What is required of us? 

5. The Cross offers an alternative to the “walking-dead” life. We are alive on earth but dead spiritually-we are dead people walking. Because of the Cross, God gives us the opportunity to be fully alive. In what ways do you feel dead inside and need to be revived?

6. It is amazing that something so rigid, and full of splinters and shame can actually be our comfort.

What comfort do you gain from the Cross? What peace do you gain from the Cross?

7. Jesus secured victory over the unseen rulers and authorities in this world by His death, burial and resurrection. He cleansed us and paid all the penalties for our sin. What can keep us from living as if we are free from guilt?

8. The Cross offers a new way of life, one where God obligates Himself to managing our well being. What are the areas in which you wish God would just take over and set you free?

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