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Where the Wind Leads
A Refugee Family's Miraculous Story of Loss, Rescue, and Redemption
By Vinh Chung, with Tim Downs

About the Book

Through a series of miraculous events, a Chinese family living in Vietnam, joins the ranks of "boat people" and overcomes oppressive struggles to raise its children in the foreign culture of America.

At three years of age, Vinh Chung and his family of ten fled communist oppression in Vietnam. As legendary "boat people" they were attacked twice by Thai pirates and left for dead, adrift on the South China Sea. A World Vision mercy ship stumbled across them and rescued them, eventually relocating them to the tough frontier town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, where they faced poverty, ethnic discrimination, and an almost insurmountable language barrier.

The Chung family's inspirational story, as told by Vinh Chung, offers fascinating insights into Asian traditions as it gives the account of three remarkable women who shaped the lives of Vinh and his father.

From one dream and a series of providential encounters, to a life of perseverance, sacrifice, and a new faith in God, Vinh excelled and eventually graduated from Harvard Medical School. He and his siblings hold five master's degrees and five doctorates. This is Vinh's family's extraordinary journey.

The book includes sixteen pages of black and white photos of the rescue, difficult first years, and the family today. And at the author's request, all royalties due to the author will go to World Vision for their relief efforts.

About the Author

Vinh Chung graduated Harvard magna cum laude and attended Harvard Medical School for his MD. Dr. Chung studied at the University of Sydney as a Fulbright Scholar and completed a Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Chung also holds a Master of Theology from the University of Edinburgh and currently serves on the board for World Vision US.

Dr. Chung and his wife Leisle have three children and run a successful private medical practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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