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The Bridge Builder
The Life and Continuing Legacy of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
By Zev Chafets

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, former United States Senator (D-CT):

"I've known Yechiel Eckstein for many years, and am proud to say I've been a supporter of his organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, since its beginning 30 years ago. The Bridge Builder tells the story of a man with a vision – a man who realized that there were many, many Christians in this country who care deeply about the well-being of the Jewish state and the Jewish people, and set about to build bridges between these Christians and the Jewish community. As you will read in these pages, the work wasn't always easy. But it is a testament to my friend Yechiel's commitment and dedication that today the organization he formed stands at the forefront not only of building bridges between Jews and Christians, but in assisting people in need both in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world."

Dr. Pat Robertson, chancellor and CEO of Regent University and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network:

"How good it is with this new biography to learn more about Rabbi Eckstein and the extraordinary vision God gave him to open dialogue between Christians and Jews, and to bring us together to work for a common cause. I have known Yechiel for many years. This book tells us the story of a man of great integrity who has faced many challenges in his work but has never wavered from his purpose: to teach Christians the biblical roots of modern-day Israel, and also to encourage them to support Israel and the Jewish people. At this time in history, when not just Israel but the entire Western world faces the rising threat of Islamist terrorism and growing anti-Semitism, I can't think of a more important cause."


"The Bridge Builder gives an up close and personal look at Eckstein by revealing his beginnings, works and dreams for the future. Chafets does an excellent job of describing the man behind this illustrious bridge of hope and faith."

Publishers Weekly:

"[Zev] Chafets (Roger Ailes: Off Camera), an American-Israeli author and former columnist for the New York Daily News, provides a glowing authorized biography of Rabbi Eckstein, an Orthodox rabbi best known for his efforts to build bridges between American Jews and Evangelical Christians … Chafets offers a balanced look at Eckstein's life, primarily tracing his willingness to look beyond his parochial community, which eventually led to his groundbreaking efforts."

Gary Rosenblatt, The Jewish Week:

"Chafets offers a fascinating and remarkably candid (particularly for an authorized biography) look at Eckstein as a complex figure who has worked tirelessly for more than 30 years to strengthen Christian bonds to Jews."

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