Apostates Anonymous

Jerry Falwell Jr. and Kenosha (w/ Special Guest Matthew Korpman EPISODE 4

The world around us is burning to the ground. Kenosha, Wisconsin. California Wildfires. Hurricane Laura. Covid-19 still rages on. Oh, and Jerry Falwell Jr.'s kink. We'll mention it all. Plus, we give scholar Matthew Korpman a call and talk about saying no to God. Sounds repulsive? Great. It'll be a perfect thing to talk about on today's show. If you want to become a producer of this show and all the great content I put out, join me at patreon.com/mjdistefano. For even $1 a month, you can ensure this work continues on. And make sure to check out my site allsetfree.com, where you can pick up all my books. #jerryfalwelljr #kenosha #blacklivesmatter #californiawildfires #judgenot Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/apostatesanonymous/message

(May contain occasional profanity)
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