Apostates Anonymous

Let's Talk About Gay Stuff (w/ Special Guest Kyle Butler) EPISODE 7

Recently, I was on a podcast where I defended my LGBTQ+ affirming stance. Today, I want to talk about that and get to some things I wasn't able to get to on that show. Plus, I sit down with Kyle Butler to talk about oneness, global consciousness, and whether, in spite of the world's divisiveness, we are actually progressing as a species. As always, I ask that you take 5 minutes to sign up on patreon.com/mjdistefano so that you can become a producer of this show and all of my work. #kylebutler #lgbtq #gayaffirming #equality #oneness Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/apostatesanonymous/message

(May contain occasional profanity)
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