In 1801, a gathering to celebrate communion in Cane Ridge, Kentucky started a movement that would go on to indelibly shape Christianity in the South and throughout the world. As this group of Scots Presbyterians gathered to share in the bread and the cup, they couldn’t have imagined they would soon be accompanied by thousands of others, caught up in exuberant manifestations of the Spirit. Unanticipated and unplanned, the Cane Ridge revival was both a product of its time and something brand new. In this episode, we explore how ideas of charismatic emotive worship shaped our personal understandings of Southern Christianity. We then discuss the context around Cane Ridge and what led to this ecstatic expression of the Spirit. Finally, we’ll use Cane Ridge as an opportunity to think about questions around legitimacy and leadership within the church. Production Note: In the spirit of the unity and non-sectarianism of Cane Ridge, Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell began an ecumenical movement that led to the development of the Disciples of Christ, the Christian Church, and the Churches of Christ. For more information on the Stone-Campbell tradition and the denominations related to them, check out this link