Honoring the Journey

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Hosted by Leslie Nease and Karen Shock, Honoring the Journey features two midlife mamas of adult kids who discuss all things faith and deconstruction, chat with guests who have had faith journeys worth exploring, and dive into different faith practices, ideas and ways to connect with the Divine without religious baggage. Both Leslie & Karen’s faith journeys are evolving and they are filled with curiosity and willingness to explore all things with an open and soft heart.

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Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 2: Honoring Karen Shock's Journey
You can find Karen at www.karenruthshock.com. She has written a book through Quoir Publishing and is currently working on her second book, due out this year. Karen is the co-host of this podcast, Honoring the Journey. You can find her book here. She is also on Facebook , Instagram and X. She would love to connect with you! Karen Shock is best known for her ability to share her most vulnerable thoughts and questions about God, Theology, and just life in general. Even though she has dealt with so much anxiety in her fifty-four years of life, she has no fear when it comes to speaking out about the hard stuff. Her book, Too Much and Not Enough (sacred thoughts said out loud) came out in April of 2023, and she is working on the sequel Holding On and Letting Go which will be released sometime in 2024. Karen and her husband currently reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have four pretty fantastic children and five beautiful grandchildren. Honoring the Journey is co-hosted by Leslie Nease and Karen Shock, produced and edited by Leslie Nease and the artwork for the show is also created by Leslie Nease. If you are looking for community as you deconstruct or just a place to go and enjoy the company of people who are seekers, learners and who are looking to connect with the Divine without religious baggage, please join our Private Facebook Community! We will also do live shows and events through this page. Both Leslie and Karen are very passionate about connection and community, so look for some retreats in the future, as well!