The Young Messiah: Director's Statement

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The Young Messiah
A Focus Features Presentation
Directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh

Director's Statement

There is a rich history of Jesus movies that have dramatized Jesus' ministry and crucifixion, but none have ever glimpsed into his life as a boy. What kind of child was he? What was his family like? What kind of parents were Joseph and Mary? How could they guide and protect this special child?

Obviously there are great challenges in depicting this because we know very little about Jesus' childhood. This movie seeks to present a realistic portrait of Jesus rooted in faith. Scripture is the inspiration for the emotions and actions of the boy Jesus as they are envisioned in our story. We do this with respect and reverence in order to imagine a child consistent with Jesus as revealed in the Bible.

Our story takes place during one year in Jesus' life when he was seven. With the Holy Land in turmoil, young Jesus and his family leave Egypt for their home in Israel. Joseph and Mary are fully aware of the dangers of their world: a corrupt King Herod, civil unrest, and a brutal occupying Roman force. We see a real family face crises and foes large and small with love, fidelity, humor and especially faith.

Knowledgeable viewers will see in our film events and images that foreshadow Jesus' life as depicted in the Gospels. His compassion and understanding far exceed his years, yet in time he will grow "in wisdom, and in favor with God and man." (Luke 2:52)

While we hope that our film finds a place alongside other Jesus classics, it's more important to us that it inspires people to visit, or revisit, the Jesus story from a fresh new angle. As believers, we hope that children will be attracted by another child's story — Jesus' story — and that this can be a Passion of the Christ for the entire family. We even hope that, in some small way, our film leads viewers to the transformation and grace that Jesus extends to us all.

3/7/2016 5:00:00 AM
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