Conservatives and Election 2012

Conservatives understand that from Babel to Lenin, our efforts to transform human nature have failed. We believe in spiritual redemption and moral change, most surely, but not through the grasping, controlling hand of a self-professedly benevolent state that usurps the salvific role of God.

The cautiousness of conservatism is animated by its skeptical view of human nature, but the promise of conservatism is buoyed by its faith in a personal, self-revealing Deity Whose expression in nature and written Scripture offers hope to what Carl Henry called "a famished and fainting race."

Conservatives, whose principles are unchanging, must consider how to convey them in a winsome and compelling manner to persons young and old, of every race and economic station. How we do so must be the subject of another discussion, but for the sake of our country, let's get to it.

12/2/2022 9:05:59 PM
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