Sweet Solitude

Along with meditation and asana, you might want to spend some time exploring an issue or question that is 'up' for you. Let's suppose that you want to work with loneliness.

You could start by silently asking yourself the question: "Where does my loneliness come from?" or just work with the words "My feeling of loneliness."

Holding the words in your mind, notice the feelings, images, and memories that arise. Write down anything that you want to record about this. The best way to do this inquiry is with gentle curiosity.

Now, take the inquiry into what is sometimes called the "Contemplative Space." Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and sit for a few moments, centering yourself. During this process, if thoughts arise, label it 'Thought' and let it go.

When you feel relatively centered, ask this question, feeling that you are asking it of your deep intuitive self: "What can you tell me about loneliness and its antidote?"

Then, write in your journal without censoring, whatever comes up.  The words that arise may not be so different than the words that came from your earlier inquiry. But often, you'll find that when you take the inquiry into the contemplative space, insights arise that are quite surprising.

You can use this process with any question or decision you might have. And as you do, you should notice how much insight your soul is capable of giving you when you allow yourself the time to engage the healing spaciousness of solitude.

7/18/2012 4:00:00 AM
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