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Sally Durgananda Kempton is a powerful teacher of applied spiritual wisdom, who leads online teleconference communities focused on taking spirtual principles into daily life. Her telecourses, writings, and retreats combine meditative practice with transformational change processes, and are described by participants as life-changing in the deepest sense. Sally is known for her capacity to kindle meditative states in others, and to help students work with meditative experience as a framework for practical life-change.
Sally's own journey began when, as a New York journalist and leader in the second wave feminist movement, she experienced a spiritual awakening that led her to become a disciple of enlightened master, Swami Muktananda, and eventually a teacher and swami (monk) in that lineage. In 2002, she felt called to leave her tradition to teach and practice in a post-traditional context. Her work spans tantric philosophy, contemporary psychology, inner body somatics, and non-dual meditation practice.  She writes the popular "Wisdom" column for Yoga Journal, and is the author of "Meditation for the Love of It," which will be released by Sounds True in early January, 2011. Her website is

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