Enough of Because: The Nature of Pagan Authority

Do not obey because it is written, or even think you are being asked to obey. Rather contemplate, judge, and do your best. The responsibility for our actions of body, speech, or mind cannot be abdicated. When one such as I propounds some assertion that contradicts your present position, understand this: the "authority" is making a choice, stating their view of affairs. They stand in a long and honorable line of those who choose differently, who go against prevailing opinion. They are heretics, "choosers" as the word simply means. In Hellenic Greece, this meant you were the founder of a school of thought. I will stand with my view, and stand with all those who stood for their own perspective, even when they have to lean into the wind. Stand for your own, I say, and choose wisely.

12/2/2022 9:01:58 PM
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