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Sam Webster

Sam Webster, M. Div., Mage, has taught magick publicly since 1984. He graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley in 1993. He is now a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol, UK, studying Pagan history under Prof. Ronald Hutton. He is an Adept of the Golden Dawn, a cofounder of the Chthonic-Ouranian Templar order, and an initiate of Wiccan, Druidic, Buddhist, Hindu and Masonic traditions.

His work has been published in a number of journals such as Green Egg and Gnosis, and 2010 saw his first book Tantric Thelema (, establishing the publishing house Concrescent Press ( He also authors the blog Arkadian Anvil ( Sam founded the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn in 2001 (, and he serves the Pagan community principally as a priest of Hermes.

Works by Sam Webster
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Beginning the Pagan Restoration
Sam Webster | January 15, 2013
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