Feminine Energy

The feminine energy of intuitive, heart-based perception is a rising tide, and it's moving us upward. It is our hope; it is our future. Its imaginative faculties will transform our ability to penetrate the higher dimensions from which we originated. Ultimately, we will realize that we are the fingers of the divine touching the face of this world, and that our purpose is to spiritualize the material while bringing the experience of the material back to spirit. That's what I've come to believe 2012 is about.

Using my story as an example, I hope you have a better idea how to read your own meaning into 2012. As I said in earlier installments, all the great astrological movements don't matter, but you do. Look inside to find your own personal meaning of the event because consciousness is the source of all things, and you are that vey consciousness embodied.

7/22/2012 4:00:00 AM