Quantum Physics and Consciousness: The Third Way, Part 4

Last week we looked at the ways the clash of materialist science with religion has left a polarized vacuum in the human condition while also suppressing the human spirit. This week I'll speak about the Third Way, a merging of advanced science and ancient spirituality. I'll begin with an exposition of quantum physics and its relation to consciousness.

The Third Way

Another path exists to explain creation, reality, and the human dilemma. It is a path of hope for it unifies advanced sciences such as quantum physics with the core precepts of an ancient spiritual wisdom buried within every major religion on earth. As more people become aware of this relationship, it will transform our lives in ways that will liberate us from literal religion and atheistic science. It will provide a viable framework to understand many of life's mysteries and put some sense of control back in our lives.

Quantum Physics

Let's begin with the scientific side of the ledger. Quantum physics is turning traditional science on its head the same way materialist science turned traditional religion upside down. Quantum physics demonstrates that material particles do not exist in and of themselves in a fundamental or natural state. What exists are really waves of light smeared across infinity, a cosmic menu of all possible outcomes or choices, if you will. Only when observed by a conscious observer does the possibility wave collapse into an observable point particle and become physical reality.

Other startling phenomena exist at the quantum level. Particles are able to communicate with one another instantaneously over vast distances in a non-local manner, meaning with no apparent connective medium or signal between them. Einstein called this process "spooky." Particles can also make quantum leaps where an electron disappears at one level of energy or orbit and reappears at a higher level without any intervening movement. That would be like the earth disappearing and suddenly popping into the sun without passing through Mercury, Venus, or Mars.

Quantum physics is showing that the particles on which materialist science is based do not behave at all like the classic Newtonian model. It's showing that mind or consciousness does not behave at all like Descartes' dualist philosophy states. It's shooting holes in Darwin's version of human origins and creation. Most importantly, it indicates that creation was not a bottom-up process of particles to molecules to organisms to brains to consciousness. Rather it was a top-down process beginning with consciousness.


To understand the astounding and counterintuitive findings of quantum physics, comprehending the role of consciousness is essential. Let's begin with a definition. Consciousness is awareness. Specifically, it is intelligent awareness capable of choice and direction. The quantum phenomena described above only make sense if consciousness is the primary source of reality. Quantum physics says that our reality begins with energetic light waves of possibility. These possibility waves only collapse into material particles upon observation. But, who is doing the observing? Both Max Planck, the founder of quantum physics, and the ancient spiritual texts tell us that a single Conscious Intelligent Mind or awareness is doing the observing.

Then what is the nature of this Consciousness? From where does is arise? Does it have a material or non-material origin? Material science would claim that conscioussness arises from matter as a function of the material brain. But quantum physics shows that only conscious observation collapses wave energy into matter, so how can the thing that is bringing matter into existence be created by it? This paradox rules out consciousness being created by matter.

Now let's take a page from Descartes' dualist philosophy. Say that mind (consciousness) and matter are separate and distinct dimensions that somehow interact with one another. So, consciousness is an immaterial force working with matter by some undefined means. Sounds reasonable, even a bit spiritual, right? But in order for matter to receive direction from an immaterial consciousness, there has to be an exchange of signals, of information, and that means energy. This can't pass the laws of physics, which state that energy in the universe is constant. The universe can neither give nor receive energy from another dimension, so we have another paradox.

Now the Third Way comes into play. All paradoxes are eliminated and all quantum phenomena explained if we see consciousness as the source of all reality. It is the matrix or energy net that encompasses everything observable and unobservable. So consciousness is both particle and wave, matter and energy, observer and the thing observed. This means that when consciousness chooses and collapses a possibility into reality, it chooses from within itself, not from some outside immaterial dimension, hence no paradox. This explains how particles far removed in space instantly communicate with one another. They're both the same energy manifesting at different points. It explains quantum leaps as an instant transfer of Universal Mind's focus from one point to another, the way a man might look at a new car then suddenly fixate on a beautiful woman.

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