Not Religious? Seeking Answers?

We aren’t exactly sure how you stumbled upon this page today, but we sure are glad you’re here. Whether you’ve been turned off by religion in the past, have a question about one of the world’s religions or are simply looking for content we no longer have, we hope you’ll stay and see what Patheos has to offer.

At Patheos, we believe faith is a force for good in the world, but we also know it’s hard to find accurate information about religion online. We exist to help provide information, stories and conversation that leads to understanding, empathy and acceptance of all faiths.

You don’t have to be a believer. But our hope is Patheos can serve as a platform to encounter others with different views while encouraging a civil discussion about matters of faith. Such encounters, we believe, can breed tolerance, compassion and growth.

Here’s some views we recommend exploring:

Why I Stay: A fascinating look at stories of faithfulness in the face of judgement, hurt, and betrayal. There are lots of podcasts and articles about why so many people are leaving religion, but this one explores why anyone stays.

Patheos Answers: Here is where we tackle FAQs about religious beliefs, customs and traditions, whether it be Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, or another religion.

Progressive Christian: In this channel we explore the changing church, transforming theology, spiritual practices and formation, faith and politics, social justice and so much more.

New Visions: Here is where you’ll find spiritual practitioners that are exploring interspirituality, transpersonal psychology and other alternative approaches to the spiritual journey.

Podcasts By Patheos:  The world's best podcasts focused on questions around faith and religion. 

11/18/2023 12:42:28 AM