Advent as a Gathering In: Reflections on Zephaniah 3:14-20

This Advent/Christmas is a sort of test for us, I think, a test concerning whether we are followers of the righteousness of God or followers of the fear-mongers among us, who would have us arm ourselves with guns, build walls against all those we deem unworthy of our country, and remain satisfied with what we have accumulated, locking it away from all who ask only for a chance to live in freedom. If old Zephaniah were to come back and gaze at America in this season of Advent/Christmas, I think he would be saddened to see us closing our minds and hearts to the genuine pain of the world. But also I think he would reiterate his call to us to join the God of the universe in the work of gathering and caring for all those in the world of God who at this time need a special kind of care. For this year we have many babies who have been born in stables and barns, who are threatened by those fearful ones who like their power as it is, whose families have been forced to flee their homes to find refuge from the terror of their day. In those children we may see the power of God, the call of God for us, the righteousness of God in action.

12/7/2015 5:00:00 AM
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