Painful Path, Strong Faith: Reflections on Luke 13:31-35

Jerusalem is a site of great evil, but also of great things. Jerusalem is where human sinfulness and divine intervention meet. Our sinfulness meets a crucified prophet. Jerusalem is the end but it is also the beginning of something else, the Church. (Jensen 156)

"You're going to Jerusalem. Just expect to die." I am in awe of Jesus' faith and determination as he laments, and yet—in the context of loving determination—presses on. He presses on believing that, in this intense clash of wills, God's will prevails, believing that in the city of death, life awaits him, that in the midst of pain, there is glory.

In Luke, it's early days yet. There is still time to back out. But instead, our Savior says, "I must be on my way."

In this season of Lent let us set our feet on his path. Let us walk with him through resistance and discomfort. We will find that with him as our companion, the path leads to the joy of service and a love that is stronger than death.

Let us greet him each morning of Lent with these words from David's coronation psalm 118:26, fit for our Messiah King. "Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

Sources Consulted

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12/2/2022 9:10:35 PM
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