The Power of Persistence, Part 1: Reflections on Luke 18:1-8

The widow has no business card or phone line, and maybe no fixed address. All she has is her sense of outrage and her determination to go back, day after day, complaint in hand.

There are lots of people in our community and world who have legitimate complaints that demand redress but that don't have the social clout to take effective action. That's where we come in, as those who feel called to advocate for others who have not got the energy or the influence to advocate for themselves. We can take the outrage we feel when our favorite team is failing on the field or our $29.99 appliance lacks suction, and channel it toward advocating for a decent place to live, enough to eat, and access to education and medical care for everyone in our community.

Sources Consulted

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12/2/2022 9:10:36 PM
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