When Fear and Love Unite

Still I am told, glibly, not to worry, because I am a future queen of the universe. I answer with a question: As long as one soul is dragged down to the abyss by the father of lies, why should I give one fraction of a flying fig about the security of my personal little throne in the sky?

And so we love, and we fear. We weep, and we carry on, saving what we can from the wreckage. For my brothers and sisters, we are stewards. My task and yours is to cherish and nurture what God has given us to cherish and nurture through this great darkness. For our enemies are legion, and we cannot underestimate the power that they wield. Yet we vow to each other that these things they shall not have:

One pure kiss.

One small foot kicking in the womb.

One pair of wide, blue eyes.

One heart.

One mind.

One life.

One soul.

6/17/2013 4:00:00 AM
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