Dreams as Thin Places

If you think you might like to begin to pay attention to your own dreams, you might start by recalling and recording them. They are often vivid in your memory within the first few moments of waking, but if you don't keep some record, you will be surprised at how easily you forget them. You can also begin to pray your dreams, asking God what they mean or to show you further dreams that will help. I have found it a great help to be able to share dreams with others, especially within a small group or with a trusted friend, and there is abundant available literature to which you can turn as you begin to seek to be attentive to your dreams.

Dreams are a universally available means of contact with the Holy Spirit, ready thin places, just waiting for us to pay attention to them. They are God's gift to us...

This article originally appeared in Thin Places, a newsletter published by the Spiritual Growth Community of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, MN.

Geoff Nelson is pastor of Whittier Presbyterian Church in Whittier, CA and a trained spiritual director and labyrinth facilitator who has worked with dream groups in churches for many years. His chapter on the attitudes of Luther and Calvin toward the dream texts in the Bible will appear in Dreams in Christianity and Islam, soon to be released by Rutgers University Press.

Geoff sends occasional emails, "Dream News," to all who are interested. He may be reached at ggnelson@ix.netcom.com.


1 Carl G. Jung, The Basic Writings of..., (Modern Library, 1959), edited with an introduction by Violet De Laszlo.

7/31/2009 4:00:00 AM
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