Head, Heart, Hands, and Feet


At the end of Sukkot comes Simchat Torah.  Simchat Torah, the Joy of Torah, is a holiday of the feet.  The joy that we feel, gives wings to our feet as we dance with our partner, Torah, the sacred guide.  We have done our homework with Rosh HaShanah.  We have reviewed with Yom Kippur, we have tested ourselves with Sukkot and now there is nothing left to do but celebrate the lessons in Joy and begin anew.   And so we unfurl the Torah like a banner.  We read the end and then the beginning dancing within the sacred words of promise, fulfillment, and promise once again.  Torah is the sacred guide that we have carried throughout the long millennia and which has carried us through the dark nights of exile and the joyous daybreak of redemption.  We end our fall season with joy, a joyful hope for the future.

Our holidays embody our path, head and heart, hands and feet.  We look to the winter winds, our heads wrapped in holy thought, our hearts glowing warmly with our at-one-ment attunement, our hands gloved in the heat of soulful building and our feet still dancing the warmth of our Torah tune.

9/17/2009 4:00:00 AM