A Pagan at College

If you and your roommate are having serious difficulties that you cannot seem to work out despite trying, going to your Resident Advisor. They are there to help and most are really nice (my RA is wonderful!).

As far as rituals go, it's up to you how you wish to go about it.

I personally take advantage of times when my roommates are absent to perform ritual work. One reason is that I feel I shouldn't ask, however politely or kindly, for my roommates to please get out of their own room so I can do ritual work. I didn't kick my sister out of the room we shared; I'm not going to kick out my roommates.

The other reason is avoiding the odd/curious glances, and the bonus of not having to worry about being disturbed in the middle of meditation or something. (Unless, of course, the fire alarm goes off in the middle of ritual; if that happens, I just hope you weren't practicing skyclad. Have your clothes nearby always.)


Location, Location, Location

My school is located only a stone's throw from a major city. I personally dislike cities and this was almost enough of a reason to refuse attending (but alas, I be but a poor college student; highest bidder wins...). This poses a problem for a person who worships the Earth Mother. What is a Pagan to do if seemingly separated from nature?

First, remember that civilization can never truly separate itself from nature no matter what some people might think. The air you breathe, the wind that ruffles your hair, the vaulted sky above you - even if you are in an urban wasteland, there is nature around you.

Second, there has to be green somewhere! There is bound to be a tree or shrub somewhere on your campus and even if it's a part of the landscaping and not wild, it is still a part of nature. I'm fortunate that my school is also a nationally-recognized arboretum; therefore, the campus is beautiful and covered in a dizzying array of trees native to the climate zone.

If that is still not enough, consider getting a plant for your dorm room, as space allows.

My room currently sports a spider plant, an easy-to-tend plant that reduces indoor air pollution and reproduces easily, making the spider plant a source of gifts as well! When I visit home in a few weeks, I'll be returning with an aloe plant, similar to a spider plant as far care and reproduction goes, known for warding off fires and producing a goo-like sap that treats sunburns. (That green goo you buy from the store to put on sunburns? Yeah, that's aloe.)

Mabon is coming up and I know I won't be able to go apple picking in a family-owned orchard like I normally would. I'm going to have to be a little more creative this time around in making Mabon extra special (it is my favorite Sabbat, second only to Samhain). The cafeteria sells locally grown apples by the bag; I'm going to be making an apple pie. I discovered a secluded statue of a beautiful nude woman on campus; I have no idea who she is and there's not plaque bearing a name, but you can bet she'll be decorated with fall flowers and apples, and pumpkins later on for Samhain.

College doesn't have to be a big fight with ‘The Man' over having an athame in your room, or uncomfortable silences/verbal sparring matches with a roommate over the fact that you are going to Hell. With a little preparation, college is a wonderfully rewarding time to grow and learn more about yourself.

Blessed Be!


This blog was first posted at Witchvox.com and is reprinted with permission.

Raisa Lardie is an undergraduate perusing a double major in anthropology and linguistics. She is just working up the courage to publish pagan essays and is currently working on her first novel.

10/1/2009 4:00:00 AM