Festivals of Memory

It is time that we remember.

This month, when families join together to celebrate the American Thanksgiving, how will we remember?  We will remember with food and fun.  We will remember by looking to our elders and our young.  But let us take a moment to take Thanksgiving at its word, at its name.  Let us give thanks with a Jewish flare.  Let us give thanks by remembering the three pillars of all Jewish thanksgivings:  Torah, Tfilah, Tzedaka.  Let us give thanks through study. Let us give thanks in prayer.  Let us give thanks by giving to others.

And so we will always remember.


Rabbi Bahir Davis is the spiritual leader of Rocky Mountain Hai based in Lafayette, Colorado, and a frequent contributor to Patheos.

11/18/2009 5:00:00 AM
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    Rabbi Bahir Davis is from a rabbinic family that includes his brother, father and grandfather. He studied to become a rabbi at various yeshivas in the United States and Israel and holds two Smichot; one signed by rabbis from many branches of Judaism,...